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Welcome to STORCH Environmental Consultants, LLC. We are Massachusetts and Rhode Island's premier mold assessment and soil vapor intrusion commercial mitigation design company.

STORCH Environmental Consultants, LLC provides mold remediation consulting only and is able to maintain the most objective, impartial mold inspection and report services available. This would include mold inspections, mold remediation protocol reports, mold remediation clearance inspections, and mold remediation clearance reports.

STORCH Environmental Consultants, LLC also provides mold testing services. We provide services geared toward the design of sub slab depressurization systems (SSD Systems) including soil testing for the commercial sector. Included, but not limited to: warehousing, large residential complexes, school dormitories, strip malls, and other commercial spaces. Focusing in on hazardous vapor intrusion such as radon gas fuel oil, perc, and other solvents.

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There are thousands of types of mold. A professional is needed to assess your personal situation. We can help.

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Mold is alive, but it is neither a plant nor an animal. Mold is a type of fungus. It is part of a group of living organisms that are very common and serve an important role in the environment...

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